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Fantastic service providing me with strategies to help me with moving forward. This 6 week therapy has been extremely helpful in helping me to organise my thoughts which I will take forward with me in the future. Sarah is kind and caring and has been very accommodating with appointment times that suited me. Thank you very much.


Saying thank you isn't enough, I really can't put into words how grateful I am to Sarah for how she has helped me over the last year. I'm at a place in my life that I never imagined I would be at and I feel like my life has finally begun . Thank you again Sarah


I can not thank my therapist enough for all of her help and support over the past four months. I was in a really bad place before starting my sessions and now im a completely different person all thanks to the amazing lady, Sarah. All the techniques support and advise given throughout has been amazing and i really would recommend this company to anyone who is struggling in life to turn to them. I was always made to feel welcome and never was i ever judged or made to talk about anything or do anythik i didnt want to do.


I've never really been one to believe in counselling nor did I ever think I would need it. Safe to say I did and I honestly couldnt of asked for anyone better then sarah, I felt very much at ease and she knew the right questions to ask. Made me feel as welcome in her home as one of my own family would in theirs. I'm in a much better place with in myself now and I only have Sarah to thank for that, without any shadow of a doubt I would recommend her 11/10.


I started having therapy with Sarah because I had been sad and feeling overwhelmed for a while. Sarah is extremely professional and passionate about helping me. She is an excellent therapist. During my sessions I felt that I was able to trust and connect with Sarah. Her polite manner of speaking has had a very calming effect on me during our sessions. Sarah's support and advice in our past few months have help me so much. I'm finally feeling positive about the future.

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